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RC RTR Alfa Romeo MiTo Red - M05


The Baby Alfa
 The three-door Alfa Romeo MiTo made its debut in 2008. It was named after Milan, where it was designed, and Torino, where it was manufactured. Featuring a stylish form and a sporty driving performance powered by a front-mounted 1.47 liter inline 4-cylinder engine, the MiTo attracts many fans all around the world. This is a ready-to-run R/C model of the cute MiTo. The stylish form of the car as well as its shield-shape front grille have all been realistically reproduced with durable polycarbonate. Separate light case parts are also included to enhance the scale realism. You can enjoy the same great handling performance as that of the actual car with the front wheel drive M-05 chassis right out of the box!

【 R/C Units, Battery Pack, and Charger 】
R/C units are installed onto the pre-assembled chassis and a wheel-trigger type transmitter, battery pack & charger are included to allow you to enjoy R/C driving instantly. The FM transmitter features detachable grip covers to match your hand size as well as a throttle trigger cover to increase the size of the throttle trigger for easier operation. (*Battery pack and charger are included for Japan market only.)

【 Low Center of Gravity M-05 Chassis 】
The front wheel drive M-05 chassis features a lightweight, narrow, durable, and an easy-assembly semi-monocoque resin frame. Gearbox, motor, battery pack, receiver, servo and ESC are positioned for optimum weight distribution and a low center of gravity. Ground-hugging 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension and the 3-piece steering linkage provides stable high-speed cornering. In addition, M-Chassis radial tires are mounted on white wheels to enhance realism.

【 Specifications 】
●Length: 383mm, Width: 170mm, Height: 130mm 
●Wheelbase: 239mm (long wheelbase) 
●Tread (Front & Rear): 138mm 
●Front-Mounted Motor Front Wheel Drive 
●3-Bevel Differential Gears 
●3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod 
●Front & Rear Double Wishbone Suspension 
●Front & Rear Friction Dampers 
●Gear Ratio=5.8 :1 
●Tire Width/Diameter: 25/59mm 
●Type 540 Motor Included 
●Electronic Speed Controller (Forward/Reverse Type) Included. 
※Requires R6/AA/UM3 Batteries (x8) for Transmitter (sold separately).


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