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Cutting edge 2WD racing buggy technology excels on ultra high-grip surfaces with 3 transmission types including a newly developed lowdown gearbox.

After the IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Championship in Ultra high grip surfaces such as artificial turf and carpet have become mainstream in off-road racing since the 2015 IFMAR Off-Road World Championships run at Yatabe Arena in Ibaraki Japan. To stay ahead of these constantly evolving trends, Kyosho’s Ultima RB6 has been updated into the new 6.6 model. While maintaining the superiority of the proven suspension and steering in the RB6, the new 6.6 model features a selection of 4 different gearboxes: “Rear Motor”; “3 Gear Midship”; “4 Gear Midship”, and “Lowdown Midship”. In addition to the ever-reliable rear motor for looser surfaces, the 6.6 features midship transmissions for higher grip dirt surfaces and a newly designed lower C of G lowdown midship transmission for ultra high-grip surfaces such as artificial turf and carpet. With detailed precision setting capability, this single machine is compatible with any surface type that a racer is required to drive on. Also, the wider 7075-T6 grade main chassis with side guards is unchanged to deliver the cornering advantages of its width. When using the midship layout, either straight or sideways battery mounting orientation can be used to fine-tune the chassis weight distribution effect on running performance.

●Features upgraded specifications based on the Ultima RB6 (No.34301) model released on May in 2015.
●Highly adaptable chassis settings with choice of lowdown midship motor, midship motor and rear motor configurations.
●Ball differential features long life and superior precision tungsten diff balls.
●Features one-piece wheel shafts made from high-strength steel.
●Clamp screw aluminum hex wheel hubs provide secure traction and precise rotation on the rear.
●Large capacity slipper clutch is compatible with high power motors.
●Gun metallic anodized aluminum parts produce a formidable looking finish.
●Includes X-GEAR ball diff grease, high graphite grease and shock springs.

< Required for Operation >
●2-channel, 1-servo, 1-ESC R/C System
●Battery for chassis
●Tire inners
●Battery charger
●Pinion gears
●Paint for body
●Batteries for transmitter

< Chassis Technical Data >
・Tread (F/R):221mm/201mm
・Tire(F/R):sold separately
・Gear Ratio:2.60 :1 (secondary reduction ratio), Spur 76T/pinion gear sold separately
・Weight:1,620g (approx.)
・Motor:sold separately


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