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This R/C model assembly kit recreates the Type 10 tank, which was officially approved in 2010 and reflects the latest military technology and the needs of the modern Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF). Full cooperation from the JGSDF led to this highly accurate recreation of the compact Type 10 with 120mm smoothbore gun. Take control of the Type 10’s smooth and powerful forward/reverse movement, a range of turns and pivots, turret rotation and gun elevation. Gun and hull recoil are also recreated. Authentic engine and firing sounds were recorded from the full-size tank and are coordinated with model actions. The main gun and coaxial machine gun flash when fired. A new gun barrel control system factors in model movement and elevation changes to keep main gun automatically trained in a direction set via transmitter. The dedicated gun barrel servo also controls movement after firing, and corrects elevation to prevent contact with turret rear when rotating at low elevation. This model is compatible with Item 53447 Tamiya Battle System (for 1/16 Scale R/C Tanks) (sold separately).

【 Realistic Mobility 】
Rear-mounted pre-assembled gearbox features twin Torque-Tuned Type 540 motors for plenty of power. Power transmission mechanics follow those on a full-size tank: one motor controls forward/reverse; the other controls right and left track speed, allowing a realistic range of turns, plus pivoting.

【 Turret & Main Gun 】
Turret rotation is accompanied by realistic sounds, and its speed can be controlled via transmitter. When turret is rotated with gun lowered, gun elevation servo automatically raises the barrel to clear hull rear, then returns to original position. When firing, the main gun roars and muzzle flashes thanks to an orange LED in the barrel. Gun barrel recoils after firing via turret interior gearbox, and vehicle kickback is also recreated by drive gearbox. After firing, gun automatically goes to loading position then returns to previous firing angle.

【 About the Type 10 Tank 】
Officially approved in 2010, the Type 10 reflects the latest military technology and the needs of the modern Japan Ground Self Defense Force (JGSDF). This state-of-the-art vehicle features a L/44 120mm smoothbore main gun that possesses stabilizers, and an automatic target tracking system that functions with tremendous accuracy even when the Type 10 is on the move. Compatibility with the C4I (command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence) system ensures units operate in harmony. A 1,200hp diesel engine and continuously variable transmission secure impressive mobility in conjunction with the hydraulic semi-active suspension. Modular armor sections on the hull and turret provide top level protection, and can be removed to allow swift transportation of the Type 10. Deployment commenced in 2012, with units undertaking training exercises as the Japan Ground Self Defense Force looked to phase in the Type 10, in place of the Type 74.

【 Specifications 】 
●Length: 596mm, Width: 207mm, Weight: 4050g
●Chassis, suspension arms, and drive sprocket are recreated by metal parts for a realistically weighty driving experience.
●Aluminum barrel forms the centerpiece of the accurate depiction of the main gun.
●Pre-assembled tracks are replicated accurately using durable plastic.
●All movements are accompanied by sounds emitted from the speaker unit mounted in the rear of the hull.

【 Separately Required Items 】
●4-channel Transmitter 
●Battery pack and charger 
●4x R6/AA/UM3 Batteries for transmitter


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