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RC RTR Farm King Wheelie - WR02G


Making Farmin' Fun!
This factory finished R/C model recreates the hard-working mainstay of farm life, the tractor. The finished polycarbonate body features a comically-styled front mask over the bonnet, a large plow on the rear and exhaust pipes on either side of the driver's seat. A painted driver figure with ten-gallon hat is pre-attached. The WR-02G chassis features a heavy duty monocoque frame which is equipped with 97mm and 130mm diameter wheels on the front and rear respectively for a realistic scale presence. Motor is positioned along the centerline of the chassis and power is delivered to the rear wheels via fully-enclosed gearbox equipped with a differential. 4-wheel double wishbone suspension makes for realistic mechanism. Designed with a wheelie bar to enable fun, wheels in the air driving action, this tractor definitely puts the fun into farming!

【 Fun wheelie action with the rear-wheel drive WR-02G! 】
The rear-wheel drive WR-02G chassis was made for rough riding! Shielded by side plates and held tightly in place by the monocoque frame, the gearbox is well-protected from impact, and the different sized front and rear wheels cushion the model's moves. Power is provided to the rear wheels by a centrally-positioned motor, and transmitted via fully-enclosed gearbox equipped with a differential. The location of the battery pack is key: its longitudinally-placed high position in the rear ensures that when the model accelerates, the front naturally rises in a wheelie. As it does, the wheelie bar at the rear stops the model from toppling over, and in doing so maintains a great wheelie! Steering servo is placed along the center of the chassis, and combines with the 2-piece tie rod for precision steering. The suspension is of the tough 4-wheel double-wishbone variety.

【 2.4GHz Transmitter Included 】
In addition to the painted body, this item also includes a wheel-type transmitter, battery pack and charger to allow instant enjoyment of driving. (*Battery pack and charger are included for Japan market only.) The 2.4GHz transmitter eliminates the need for frequency crystals, and is factory-paired with the receiver in the model to ensure that the receiver communicates with that transmitter only. Transmitter features detachable grip covers to match your hand size as well as a throttle trigger cover to increase the size of the throttle trigger for easier operation.

【 Specifications 】
●Length: 363mm, Width: 253mm, Height: 245mm 
●Wheelbase: 170mm
●Tread: 189mm (Front)、195mm (Rear) 
●Tire Width/Diameter: 57/97mm (Front), 58/130mm (Rear) 
●Resin Monocoque Frame
●Rear-Wheel Drive
●4-Wheel Double-Wishbone Suspension 
●Front/Rear Friction Dampers 
●2-piece Steering Tie-Rod 
●3-Bevel Differential
●Gear Ratio: 18.3:1
●Type 540 Motor
●Electronic Speed Controller (Forward/Reverse Type)


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