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2007 Chevrolet Corvette C6-R (INFERNO GT2 VE RACE SPEC)


Large-scale Inferno power is in your hands!
Continually upgrade as your technique develops!

Alongside the throbbing sound of the KE25 engine installed on the previously released Inferno GT2 Race Spec is the new electric Inferno GT2 VE Race Spec, fitted with the world famous Team Orion Vortex 8 motor and Vortex RS ESC as its power source. This high performance combination reaches its dynamic potential with 4-cell Li-Po battery (2 x 2-cell 7.4V) specifications, however beginners should start with 1 x 2-cell 7.4V until able to control the power output and then increase the power setting as required. This makes the Inferno GT2 VE Race Spec the ideal choice for beginners to master a high-performance racing machine as performance can be increased as technique improves. Sharing the same hard main chassis and turnbuckle rods for precision setting and durability as the gas powered version, the chassis uses the same components that helped the Inferno achieve its unrivalled record of GP World Championship success. Unlike GP cars, the electric powered Inferno unleashes its silent fury in big scale just about anywhere you choose to run.

< ReadySet Contents >
●Factory assembled chassis with 2-channel, 1-servo, 1-ESC R/C unit
●Syncro KT-201 transmitter
●Pre-painted body
●Pre-installed Team Orion VORTEX 8 brushless motor
●Pre-installed Team Orion VORTEX R8 ESC
●Cross wrench

< Required for Operation >
●Battery for chassis/ 7.2-14.4V Ni-MH or 7.4-14.8V Li-Po battery with super plug connector
●Battery charger
●4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter

Length 515mm
Width 310mm
Height 135mm
Wheelbase 360mm
Tread (F/R) 262/265mm
Tire(F/R) Φ97×48mm / Φ97×48mm
Gear Ratio 8.47:1
Weight 3800g(with body)
Motor Orion Vortex 8 brushless


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